‘Twas the Wednesday Before Christmas

…and all through the night, all my little creatures were stirring, so I tried to shut my eyes tight.

Okay, so this isn’t Wednesday, but for the sake of having one of these posts for each day, just stay with me. (And I really meant to put this up yesterday, but fell asleep. You will really want to read until the end. Trust me.

Both girls took turns waking up last night, so I was out of it yesterday. (It takes me awhile to go back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night.) I really wanted to fall back to sleep after they woke, but Emily kept talking. Usually if she wakes up to use the bathroom, she goes back to sleep, but not yesterday. She was telling me all kinds of things, and trying to do sign language. She love signing “I love you” every single morning to me.

This post is the 1000th post on this blog!! Can you believe it? Well, we wanted to treat one of our loyal readers (and commenters) to something special. Our blog is just a little family blog so we don’t offer advertising space or have sponsor aka It doesn’t make any money. We don’t have much to give, but we have been blessed this year, so from today until the end of the year, all comments will be an entry for a giveaway of a $5 Amazon e-giftcard code***. One comment per person daily. Random drawing will be on New Years Day! Winner of the random drawing will be announced Tuesday, January 2, 2012. Comment away!

***$5 Amazon e-giftcard code is from Swagbucks. If you have been a loyal reader, you will know we like free stuff. Since August 2010, we have gotten about $100 worth of the giftcards. (That’s pretty good for not being really active members.) These mostly help us pay for Christmas gifts. Here is a REFERRAL LINK for you to join. Unless you want to wait until you can get 80 or 100 swagbucks for joining (right now you only get 30 SBs for joining), let me know and I can keep you updated. It takes 450 SBs to get an Amazon giftcard, but there are other things you can redeem your bucks for. Here’s a little EXPLANATION that I had posted earlier in the year.

– Joyce

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