Holiday Baking

We haven’t baked too much this holiday season, but when we have, it’s been a fun time.

What is your favorite holiday baked good?

7 thoughts on “Holiday Baking

  1. mmm cookies! your girls are sooooo cute!! our kiddos love to help bake things too. last weekend we made mini sticky buns and this weekend we’ll be making pecan rolo pretzels to give to their sunday school teachers. merry christmas to the moys! 🙂

  2. snickerdoodles! not baked by me of course. i haven’t attempted to bake them, but may be i will since i’m on break. would the girls like to help?

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  4. hi joyce and norm! this reminds me that i forgot to say thank you for the cookies!! sorry for the lateness:… thank you for the cookies! len gave them to me. my mom and i ate them, hehee 🙂
    it was fun to see you all today! hope you have a nice rest of the day.

    • Glad you liked them. We’re pretty new to cookie baking. =p We might have a cookie decorating party next year…it’ll be our first time decorating cookies. It might be a little easier than the gingerbread house. hehe Looking forward to seeing more you guys this week.

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