Melody’s Owie

Melody got an owie on her finger the other day.

Here’s how it all went down. Emily loves using kid scissors to cut. Yes, I let my 2-year-old use scissors. I hear mothers gasping all around the world. She has free access to them, and is pretty good at cutting straight lines with them. If she was not good about using them correctly, I would NOT let her have access to them. Anyhow, this particular day, she was trying to cut a page in Melody’s book. Melody put her hand out to block her, and got a cut on her finger.

It was one of those blood-keeps-on-coming-out type cuts, and it totally freaked Melody out (and maybe me too). I washed it out, and bandaged it up. Afterwards, I did what any modern-day mom does. Go online to see how to remedy this injury. We had to laugh when we saw what we found. The photo of the hand on the website looks exactly like Melody’s bandaged hand. Looks like I did everything right. Let’s just say there is a reason why I didn’t go into the medical field. Blood, bleck! Even when I had a horrible injury, I didn’t even look at it. I made Norm clean out my wound every single night.

After that first night of the bandaged finger, she graduated to a cute Hello Kitty Band-Aid, so I think we’re all good.

How in the world did I sit through the movie Outbreak? Ick!

– Joyce

3 thoughts on “Melody’s Owie

  1. Jacob is allowed to have scissors too and it’s so cute to watch their little hands work so hard to cute straight lines, right? πŸ™‚ Looks like you did everything right…according to the website. haha! It’s all about cars bandaids here, but I’m sure Jacob would go for hello kitty too.

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