Dollar Tree Christmas

We’re not big on Christmas decorations, etc around here (mostly because I hate shopping and I have no sense of style), although we do love to go to neighborhoods to see other people’s Christmas decorations, etc. We are starting to collect things to make our home more “festive” during this time of year.

Dollar Tree is a great place to go if you are on a tight budget.

We swapped out our MOPS Fall banner for a garland and some simple ornaments = less than $2

We actually got these foam stickies from my sister, who I believe bought them from Michaels’ for $1 each pack, and I already had the cardstock = about $4? (I did buy a big pack of the foam stickies (200 pieces) at Dollar Tree for $1, so they could have cost $1 + cardstock. The girls helped to make them, and it took less than 1 hour to make about 20 cards.

And the wrapping paper is actually from Target’s Dollar Spot, but could have been from Dollar Tree too if we didn’t have them on hand already. “Fancy” ornaments hanging from our window. DIY post to come.

Not sure how much this cost me, but we buy all our reams of paper (500 sheets) for Free-$1.00 (with rebates) so my guess would be fractions of a cent. I found patterns for the snowflakes from HERE and HERE. If I wanted to cut out the right size squares, I could even do the more intricate snowflakes, but I wanted to make the most of my paper this time around. I should get a close up of these.

I have one or two more Dollar Tree Christmas crafts/decorations that I will try to post before the new year. While we’re not really on a super tight budget, it’s fun to see how far a dollar can stretch, especially during the holidays when everyone wants you to buy everything from them….and those deals are quite tempting. Luckily, I hate shopping.

– Joyce

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8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Christmas

  1. I also don’t do much for Christmas decorating (actually, any kind of decorating) because I hate shopping & have no sense of style. Seeing what others have done & looking at Pinterest are about the only way I ever have anything remotely stylish for decorations.

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  3. Love the garland with ornaments! Poundland (the UK’s dollar store) is fantastic for decorations! We won’t be able to take much back with us to the States so there’s no point in spending oodles on things here.

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