Delilah and Chuck

Sulpher Creek Nature Center visited the library on Wednesday.

Melody and Emily got to hear a storybook read about the animals and then actually get to touch them. They got to pet a guinea pig (Delilah) and a duck (Chuck).

I couldn’t get a clear photo of the guinea pig, but here’s Chuck the Duck.

Some interesting things I learned:
*Guinea pigs are related to bats.
*Bread is like junk food to ducks! Don’t feed it to them!

A fun thing that we might or might not check out in the future is their lending library. You read correctly, you can “check out” some of their animals for a week. I think they have guinea pigs, rats, mice, and hamsters that you can borrow for $15. They will show you how to care for them and give you all the supplies you need. How neat!

See a photo of Melody and Chuck on CV Library’s FB page (it’s in the Wall Photos). I love all the activities that our library has to offer. I’m so glad the girls are bookworms like me, too! =)

– Joyce

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