A Day at the Park

On Monday after Melody’s gymnastics class I decided to take the girls to the park since we were there anyway. I figure there aren’t too many sunny days left. I’m definitely a wuss when it comes to “cold” weather. It turned out to be a fabulous time. Emily being the typical, more daring, secondborn child, of course, went down the tallest twisty slide. I’m surprised that Melody being the typical, more cautious, firstborn child even went down the tall slide. She did attempt the tallest twisty slide. She sat down at the top, but decided it wasn’t for her (bumping her head on the way).

I can’t believe November is more than half over. We have really been enjoying this season so far. I’m thankful for the reminders to be more thankful, if that makes any sense. =p

I love these two little girls!!

How are you savoring the last month of Autumn? What are you thankful for today?

– Joyce

2 thoughts on “A Day at the Park

  1. that looks like so much fun! I totally know what you mean…those reminders to be more thankful come in so many ways, shapes and forms. I’m thankful for them as well. We’re doing the same, savoring the sunshine and park time 🙂 I’m thankful today for healthy babies and a warm house (I HATE being cold too!)

    • When we first moved into our house, our heater didn’t work until we got someone to fix it. I was a major wuss. I know it was March, but dude, it was cold and our house was void of furniture and I am not used to hardwood floors.

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