How Does Our Garden Grow (Week 26?)

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I believe this was 11/8/2011. I’m not even sure what week it is, but according to my calculation (aka counting the weeks) it is week 26. Not much have changed. Ever since it started raining and getting cold, I dare not venture outdoors. I think we have yielded a few more tomatoes and some chayote squashes (the parents have collected them). I’m calling it quits, so we should be pulling everything up soon. (Excuse the girls’ attire, they were half changed for naptime when they went out to say goodbye to my dad who was pulling out stuff in the yard.)

I’m about to reveal the nerdy numbers side of me… (I think you can click on it to zoom?) Hey, I was a business major once upon a time, remember? =p

We heard artichokes are pretty easy to grow. The girls LOVE artichokes, so maybe we will try it out.

– Joyce

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