Many Faces

I wish that I could say our nightly game times were intentional, but they were by pure accident. Maybe it’s daylight savings. Maybe it’s keeping dinners more simple. Maybe we’ve gotten some underlying inspiration from the MOPS “game” theme for the year. Or maybe it just happened. I think every night this week, we’ve had a chance to play a game together as a family. The girls are loving it. Last night we played a round of Pictionary, and it was fun to try to figure out what Melody was drawing. She even gave us hints…the first and last letters of the thing she was drawing. =p

One game that we had a ton of fun with was Pick and Draw. I won this game sometime last year I think. (You can see some of Melody’s pictures from last year if you click on the previous link.) We had put it away for awhile because Emily was little and would just toss the cards everywhere. We took it out the other day, and here are some faces we came up with. This is what you will see on our refrigerator if you come visit. I’m not too sure about the names…Melody made those up. I think she got some of the names from Veggietales. =p

– Joyce


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