Thanksgiving Tree

So I saw a lot of these Thanksgiving/Thankful trees around the blogosphere and decided to give it a try. (Sorry the photos below are unedited.)

I took the $1 foam board that we used for our trunk or treat Craft Corner sign to use for this. I found some brown paper from some package that we received a few months ago (you never know when it’ll come in handy…I’ve just been using it as a “filler” dotting activity when the kids are “bored”) for the tree. Then I gluesticked (<— probably not a word, or is it gluestuck?) it on.

I found a template for leaves from Martha Stewart, shrunk it down to size, and printed out a bunch. The girls colored the leaves and cut them out. (We have fun trying to figure out which shape is which leaf.)

Each night after our Bible reading, each of us says something we’re thankful for and write it down on a leaf to stick it up on the tree.

I have been completely blessed by this simple activity. I complain a lot, but really, I have so much to be thankful for! Now, we’re thinking up ways to do this every day of the year….

Post of our completed tree will come at the end of the month.

– Joyce

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7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tree

  1. Hey there! That’s such a cute idea! Instead of the leaves falling down, they go up! 🙂

    How come I didn’t get this post in my in-box today? Did I accidentally unsubscribe? I hope not!

    I have a house full of sick kids so I guess we’re bunking down for the rest of the week/weekend. Find out on Friday if it’s strep. 😦

    Well, this mom is going to get some rest! Good night!

    • I know…I thought about that too…leaves going up. =p I think we will actually have them all over the board though because there is a lot to be thankful for.

      Not sure why you didn’t get the post. I still see you on the subscriber list.

      Praying for you guys.

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