Compassion: Email Your Compassion Kid!

It has almost been a year since we have started sponsoring our Compassion child, Solissa. While visiting her is not a possibility at this time, our best way to connect with her is through our letters. Compassion International has made it even easier to write to her. Physically writing a letter makes it seem a little more personal, but we all have our time constraints and don’t have time to do that as often as we’d like. The website now has a feature that makes it super easy to connect with our sponsored child.

This is just an example…not an actual note that we sent. =p

1. Choose your template.

2. Write a note.

3. Upload a photo.

4. Double check the preview to see if you want to change anything.

5. Send your letter!

If you sponsor a child, head over to the Compassion website and write your child today! It’ll only take a few minutes, and you don’t even need to add postage.

9 thoughts on “Compassion: Email Your Compassion Kid!

  1. wow, that sounds pretty easy to do on the computer instead of writing. but i always like getting letters in my mailbox. is melody having fun writing to her friend?

  2. That does make it a lot easier. I agree though that handwritten notes are more special. Which reminds me… I think it’s K’s turn to write to Melody. =)

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