Joan’s Pumpkin Patch and Farm

Well, this was supposed to be a little field trip with some from our MOPS table, but it turned out to be 2 other moms with their kiddos, and us, which is fine since the kids usually pull us in different directions anyhow. =p We got there late because Melody had a gymnastics class that morning.

We have never been to Joan’s Pumpkin Patch and Farm before, but heard it was fun. My sister (Kindergarten teacher) takes her class there every year. So, anyhow, we packed up all our stuff after Melody’s class, and headed out to Livermore. It is about a little more than a half hour drive there from our house. (There may be a better exit to take, but the one that I took went through downtown with lots of traffic lights, so it was more like 40 minutes.) I don’t think I have ever been to Livermore before because I certainly would have remembered all those wineries that we passed along the way.

We finally see Joan’s, but the entrance is another half mile passed it. We parked, and went to explore. The girls had a blast, but I think we will probably stay closer to home next time around, unless we can make it on a weekend, and it’s probably crowded on the weekends. All the entertainment (hayride, train, pony rides, clowns, face-painting, gold panning…), etc is on the weekends. The only thing during the weekdays are the fort maze and the corn maze ($$ if older than 4yo), and you can see the farm animals and antique farm equipment.

Anyhow, there was an Old West theme going on. They girls’ fave was the jail. =p All they could talk about when we got home was going to jail if you do something wrong. Love the photo ops, and we got shave ice on our way out…probably not the best $2 spent…we’ll just get our shave ice when we go to Hawaii.

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2 thoughts on “Joan’s Pumpkin Patch and Farm

  1. Fun fun fun! Two of my kids were scheduled to go on class field trips to pumpkin patches last week, but they were sick and had to stay home. Not sure if we’ll make it out this weekend, but I’m glad you all got to go!

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