Office/Schoolroom Design

The green IKEA round table (that I got for free from Freecycle!…and it looks like they don’t sell is anymore) wasn’t work so well in our office/schoolroom, so I decided to have everyone design a new look for the room (well, that side of the room anyway).

We each got a sheet of scratch paper (all about being green over here ya know! =p hehe) and got to work. After we were all done, we each made a presentation on our design.

Emily making her presentation (yes, I know she is always wearing her “Linus blanket” PJ shirt! =p Christmas is coming up, who wants to buy her a new one. haha j/k…kinda

Melody getting ready for her presentation

Melody’s room design

My room design

Norm’s room design (excuse the lips stamp on there…Emily got to it before I could take a photo)

Emily’s room design

We decided to go right to it and move things around the next day. It’s not completely to my liking…especially since we would have to paint the whole room for that!, but it is a lot more functional as a schoolroom now. Bummer, I forgot to take a before pic, but I’m sure if you’ve kept up with Our Week in Photos, you can imagine how it looked before. =)

What do you think? Any suggestions on how to organize the cubes? (I actually already changed up what’s in them, but I can still use some help.)

– Joyce

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8 thoughts on “Office/Schoolroom Design

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  2. I love the fact that everyone made a room design for the room. That is a great idea! The room looks super cute. I wish we had a schoolroom/office at our house (kinda…) but since we don’t homeschool, it would be rather pointless. We do afterschooling but that’s done easily enough at the table or in the living room or or or… 🙂

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