…was an interesting day.

We’re laying low since E woke up this morning with a fever, plus both woke up at night, leaving me to toss and turn until the wee hours before I can fall back asleep. Starbucks Frapp in the fridge saved the day! I’m glad E had an appetite for her scrambled eggs and berries this morning though.

Still no blogging mojo, so here’s a snapshot of our day…

This was actually from last night (we had a great time last night with a bunch of other activities too, but I only captured this one…I love my little family!)

Writing notes to friends and family…watch your mailbox, you might get something.

We did schoolwork and puzzles.

There was some drum playing.

Building with blocks

We also did a puppet show and watched Word World. Hoping the ramen lunch helped E feel a bit better. I foresee a lot of book-reading and some more DVDs for the remainder of the day. =( Poor kiddo! Oh, but she’s been dry all day! Hooray!

– Joyce

7 thoughts on “Today….

  1. I hope your household starts feeling rested and much better soon! Your little girls are so so cute! It’s always so sad when the babies aren’t feeling well, but it sounds like you had a relaxing day anyway. 🙂

    • My girls are like me…they like to “put back”. So blessed, right? =p It’s not always like that though. We also don’t own too much furniture (or toys), so it makes it pretty easy to pick up every night…or when I’m on it, they usually put back before taking out a new activity. =p

      • So impressive, Joyce. 🙂 I’ve been working on teaching Krew to put away. Problem is, he usually decides right afterward that he liked the item all over the floor better and gets it back out.

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