Emily-ism: Emily

I know I seem to be doing lots of Melody-isms, but hardly any Emily-isms. It’s not because she’s a mute child who doesn’t do anything. It’s because she does so much!!! She at that stage when she is absorbing everything around here and imitating and seriously learning soooo much each day that I can’t even keep up with her.

She seems to have her own thoughts and opinions about things, she likes to do sit-down activities more, she remembers soooo much, she knows the alphabet, counting up to…I don’t even know because we usually just go up to 30ish when we count in English or Chinese, up to 10 in Spanish…she even has some of Melody’s schoolwork memorized, like Columbus’ 3 ships, week 1 timeline cards (8 timeline facts), skip counting by 2s, some of the states and capitals song….so much more that I don’t have time to keep track of. She loves to help whisk when I make eggs in the morning. She likes to help set up anything… She is too adventurous for her own good, can’t believe she hurt her mouth twice last week…a true secondborn…

I love my little girlies!

They helped Norm make banana milkshakes, so now it’s my turn to make strawberry muffins with them….see you later!

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