Today is Wednesday

Well, it seems I’ve lost my blogging mojo. Has anyone seen it?

I’ve got nothing for you so I’ll tell you about my day again.

1. Up at 3 something this morning because E needed to use the bathroom
2. Finally fell asleep again at 5 something
3. Woke up at 8am
4. Felt like a zombie
5. Cereal and banana for breakfast today
6. Calendar time
7. Got ready to get out. Got ourselves into pretty dresses. Made me feel less zombie-like.
8. Headed to the library for storytime
9. Got a ton of good books and DVDs
10. Came home for ham and cheese sandwiches from the panini maker, and apples and apple butter from Apple hill
11. Worship time on the guitar (I might have sore fingertips tomorrow)
12. Naptime stories
13. Nap
14. Catching up a show…or two =)

How’s your day going?

One thought on “Today is Wednesday

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