Fall Festival 2011

We got to the festival later than we wanted on Saturday, so we didn’t actually make it through the whole street to look at the booths. But we had a yummy dinner. And it is always fun to hang out with the Moys.

CV Sanitary District wheel-spinning…they got a 4-count crayon box

Strolling along


Brothers + Food

Until next year!

Norm did go back on Sunday during the girls’ naptime to pick up a smoothie and some shave ice. Yum! It was a little too cold that day for that = brain freeze, but still good.

– Joyce

4 thoughts on “Fall Festival 2011

  1. Oh that looks like so much fun!! I told Josh about it and wanted to go, but we didn’t get our car back until later in the day on Saturday and Sunday we had plans. I wish we could have gone, but we’ll have to meet up another time!

    • Bummer! Glad you got your car back though…tough to get around sometimes without it. The festival was in the CV paper today and it looks like they are keeping it in this location in the future. It was much more spacious than previous years on CV Blvd. We didn’t get to the other end, but I saw a huge bounce house.

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