Stories from Pottyville Part 7

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Because I know you want to hear potty stories…

There are still a scattering of days when E would have an accident, but for the most part we are diaper-free when we are at home or visiting family members. And she is mostly telling is when she needs to go. (There are some times when she is faking it (so she doesn’t have to finish dinner or so she can play or so she can check out the bathroom at whatever “new” place we’re at, etc). Pull-Ups when we are out, because really, is there a good place to stop for a potty break when you’re crossing the bridge or in a super long line at the grocery store? Diapers at nap and bedtime.

The longest she has kept dry and has gone in the potty was probably from Friday morning to late Saturday night. 2 days! Yes, that means she had a dry Friday bedtime!

Before heading to bed Friday, I checked on her, and the diaper was dry. I was hesitant in taking her to the bathroom because she might wake up from her slumber, which meant I would not be able to go to bed. Luckily, I chose to take her and she went right back to sleep….and woke up dry!

On Saturday, she did have a miss when she tried to go potty by herself when she had to go poo poo and could take her pants off fast enough. I count this as a success because she knew she had to go, and was on her way to doing it all by herself. I fell asleep with the girls Saturday night and when I checked her at midnight, her diaper was just wet (if you’re a mom (or even if you’re not), you know how I know). She woke up at 6am to tell me she had to pee pee. I took her, she went, and it took her (and me) an hour to get back to sleep.

Sunday was dry all day. Her Sunday School teacher told me she even went potty all by herself at church. She was dry when I checked before heading to bed, so i took her and it was the same routine as Friday night.

So I have been exhausted lately due to one, two, or all three of the people in this household waking me up at night. I was told by a friend that her and her siblings didn’t stop wetting the bed until 6 or 7 years old. Hi SK. I hope E follows after her big sis, and gets it right away before age 3….the only problem is that the girls’ bedroom is all the way on the other side of the house from the bathroom. Hmmmm…not conducive to accident-free nights.

Really looking forward to a diaper-free household soon! =) I will keep you posted.

– Joyce

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8 thoughts on “Stories from Pottyville Part 7

  1. Congrats!!! Your girls are doing great! 🙂 I bet you’ll be so happy to be diaper free…when it comes time for Jacob to really start potty-training, I’ll be hitting you up for advice 🙂

    • E is 2y4m. She was interested in pottying on the toilet around 20 months old(???, I’ll have to read my old posts =p hehe), and basically initiated everything herself. M was a whole other story, esp because she started getting interested in it when I had E and that made everything really hard. The month before her 3rd birthday, she all of a sudden one day. It was super fast transition from learning to use the potty to being diaper-free at night. Kids are so different, I don’t have too many advice…just sharing my experience. A mom I know said her and her siblings all wet the bed at night until they were 6 or 7 years old!!

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  3. Joyce it was great to hear from you on my blog! =)

    I remember my younger bother & I still haven’t problems when we were 5, 6, & 7…but normally it was after eating ridiculous amounts of watermelon or something the day before, haha. My mom made a rule, no watermelon after 8pm. 😉

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