Mosquitoes Suck


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Right before the earthquake last Tuesday, I hear something buzz in my ear. I didn’t hear it again until I was going to bed. I was about to fall asleep, and then ‘buzzzzzz’. I swatted the air around me, but to no avail because it went ‘buzzzzz’ in Norm’s ear. This happened to me 2 more times after I finally fell asleep.

The next day, I didn’t think too much of it…but then my back started itching. Hmmmm…a pimple on my back? That’s not fun. Was I sweating too much? Nah, I don’t sweat…I glisten. ha! Then, I found another, and another, and another! That’s right, FOUR mosquito bites on my back. Not only that, I have one my face, and one on my neck. What?!

I had never had a mosquito bite before…until 2001(?) during the YSMP Arizona Missions trip. I can’t think of any other times I’ve gotten them, so this is probably my 2nd experience.

Melody: Mommy, I hope the mosquito doesn’t suck your blood anymore.

So this ends the story of why mosquitoes suck! Thanks for reading.

– Joyce

3 thoughts on “Mosquitoes Suck

  1. Oh wow you’ve only had two mosquito biting experiences in your life????? That is just amazing to me!!! I don’t think there’s a day from April through October that I don’t have a mosquito bite somewhere on my body. Same for my poor little boy. He’s got about five right now, two of them on his face. And that’s with us using bug spray the majority of the time. 😦

    Nevertheless, I’m sorry about all the mosquito bites. 😦

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