Stop by Sunday

…sometimes aka Stop by Saturday

It takes some time to organize a get-together with more than a dozen people. I’m okay with potlucks, but it can give some people a headache to think about the food preferences of others, or if they have allergies, etc. So….to keep things simple, our rule for most of our Stop by Sundays (or Saturdays) is that everyone just bring their own meal. You can order something to-go, or you can brown bag it. Either way, everyone should be happy with what they are having for dinner.

So, we gathered some of our friends (old Sunday School students and worship team members) for a night of catching up. We missed planning one last year. Sad face.

Here’s a brief look at what happened…

Everyone took turns holding this precious doll!

Bubbles were blown

Some guitar and tambo action

This hammer added to the fun…

Bedtime stories


Group photos

And more group photos…

I think we actually took more than 20 shots. Thanks D. It will make for a fun flipbook if there are more photo deals out there.


We are in need of more kiddos for this photo!

I think that sums up the night that we were the noisy neighbors. =p So much fun! I miss you all already. Photos printed, and on the way to all of you. Looking forward to the next one.

– Joyce


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