Ardenwood Historic Farm

We got together with a few friends last Tuesday at the ARDENWOOD HISTORIC FARM in Fremont. I always forget about the traffic at the split on the freeway, so we ended up late and missed most of the Toddler Time, but it was still super fun to hang out. The weather was great too. I think we are opting out of our zoo membership this year, and head to the farm more often instead.

We did get there in time to feed the chickens though. We got “popcorn” too!

We saw pigs. You know why they go in the mud? They can’t sweat, so when they are hot, they roll in the mud!

Pumping water (not quite sure if it’s supposed to stay there, or drain…)

I forgot the rates for the other days, but on Tuesdays (train ride not open) it is $2/adults, $1 for ages 4-17, and free for under 4. No parking fee. The area is very open so you can roam around without strollers running into you, or running your stroller into someone else. There are lots of picnic tables for a nice lunch or snack break.

They also have turkeys, peacocks, cows, goats, rabbits and sheep. There are some other cool things to do there too. Check out the website for the Park Features.

We are planning on going there again next week!

– Joyce

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