Our Week in Photos (Week 33 of 52)

*Summer Reading Program Carnival
*Church Picnic
*Stop by Sunday CIBC Crew
*A trip to Ardenwood Historic Farm
*Another dental appointment for me!
WEEK 33 OF 52 album

*Norm’s mom’s birthday dinner
*Summer Reading Program Toddler Concert
*Dental appointment for Norm (I know, we’re so exciting!)
*Our 6th wedding anniversary!
*Oakland Zoo again!

This Week’s Post
*Melody-ism: Thread
*Phone Photo: Welcome | Farm Fun | Flowers
*How Does Our Garden Grow (Week 14)
*I Won: My ABC Bible Verses
*Craft: Banner
*Review: Bamboo Asia

I’m much too exhausted to type anything about our week. It was overloaded with fun times with family and friends, and I can’t wait for more! =) I’m not even done looking through photos. Look for lots more posts about this past week in the coming week. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Aug 9, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 33 of 52)

  1. I haven’t been here in too long! The girls are growing so fast! The cotton candy pics of you with the girls is by far my favorite of the bunch!

  2. You inspire me with all the pictures you take and memories you make with them!!! Sometimes I just take a break — picture taking can become exhausting. . .but then I see your work each week and am inspired, again, to take my camera with me 🙂

  3. Joyce…you are one busy lady…no wonder you were so weary…hope you get some time to yourself soon! Your garden is doing very well, isn’t it? Must be lovely to get the stuff from it

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