AFP’s Baby Shower

While the girls were at Norm’s parents’ house for a nap, I was at a baby shower. The theme was “bears”.

We ate a super late lunch, but I still got to enjoy some of the yummy yummy food that was at the shower.


There were 3 games: Baby ABC (where we had to come up with unique baby-related words from A to Z), baby word scramble, and estimating the gummi bears. At first I wasn’t going to make a guess because I’m horrible at guessing things. I was going to guess 600, but heard someone say ‘200’, so I changed my guess to 408 (Norm’s birthday is April 8). I was the closest to 394!! Now we have a jar of gummi bears at our house before my dentist appointment. =p I hope my new dentist doesn’t read this.

Opening gifts…ooooing and awwwing over the cute bear clothes and accessories. =)

Me and the mommy-to-be

AP’s bro was one of the groomsmen at our wedding…here’s their little family.

Super fun time! Best wishes on the remainder of your pregnancy AFP!

One of Melody’s friends was at the shower too, but Melody was still napping (late lunch –> late nap) so she didn’t get a chance to come when the shower ended. Sorry KW!

– Joyce

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