Our Week in Photos (Week 31 of 52)

*First Sleepover for the girls (at my sister’s house)
*Norm’s uncle’s Birthday BBQ in San Mateo
*PandaMania VBS
WEEK 31 OF 52 album

*PandaMania VBS Ice Cream Party
*Lunch with M&W
*AFP’s baby shower
*Park playdate

This Week’s Post
*Kennedy Park
*This Week… (so much for my light posting)
*I ❤ U
*I Won: $100 American Express Card
*Five Words
*Read All About It (seriously READ it, and leave the happy couple a message =p hehe)
*How Does Our Garden Grow (Week 12)
*Review: The Rib Whip

What an adventure we’ve had this week in VBS!! If you are reading this after 8:30am (PST), we are already at church for our last day of VBS. I will have to tell you all about it later though because it sure was a different kind of week around here for all of us. So sad I missed Girls’ Night Out with my mommy friends this week though. I knew I would stay too late chatting, and not get enough sleep for the next day. I’m glad I didn’t go though because my body definitely needed that sleep…I ended up falling asleep in Emily’s bed at 9ish and didn’t wake up until Norm woke me up at 7:20am! Anyhow, what was your week like? Any fun plans for the weekend?

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Jul 28, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 31 of 52)

  1. We’re visiting my in-laws in Nebraska this week. So far we’ve been to the Lincoln Zoo and celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. If the rain stops today, we going to the county fair, if it doesn’t then we’ll see a movie. The Hubby’s aunt will be here tomorrow which means we’ll probably be going shopping at some point.

    I hope you had a great VBS and a good AND restful weekend!

  2. Hope VBS went well for you! Your tomatoes look great! I think next year I will plant Romas and cherries, everyone I know seems to have good luck with them. I don’t seem to be getting many more Zuchini, but I still have blossoms and they look so pretty! Hope you are able to have a good rest after your busy week!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hello! I’m finally getting around for coffee this weekend! It’s been a while and I’m not even sure where July went, but I’m happy to take a lazy Saturday morning in August to meet with my blog friends. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a fabulous VBS! I wish you were in our area. We looked for one for our kids to go to this last week, but everyone was done with theirs. My kids are so nervous about making new friends when school starts. I can understand why it would be hard not knowing anyone. They all have sweet, fun personalities though so I am sure they will be fine.

    We are still looking for a church to plug into. That is my least favorite part about moving. I miss my home church. I guess you could say that I’m a little nervous about making friends too!

    Well, I hope you get some r & r this weekend to recover from VBS. Take care!

  4. A sleepover?!? Yea for you and your hubby — right??? I cherish that time alone with mine. A few weeks ago all of our children were gone for a week and although my husband worked about 60 hours that week, it was still time to be “just us”. . .I think we needed that rejuvenation. You are very disciplined to say “no” to a Mom’s Night Out when you know you need sleep. . .that is NOT me at all. . .I just try to “do it all”. . .you’re a good example to me. Glad the Lord showed you you made the right decision by allowing you that much time to sleep. Nice “chatting” with you again. . .where does the weekend go???

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