Read All About It

I mentioned I had some news for you, right? Okay, so I won’t keep you in suspense anymore. Some of you already know about this, so act surprised by it when you read this post.

Remember these two little girls who were flowergirls in a wedding recently??

Well, it looks like they have found a gig for next year too!…

Because they are going to be walking up and down the aisle at Len and Bonnie’s wedding in 2012!! Woohooo!! (Len is Norm’s big bro for those of you who didn’t know.)

Here is part of Melody’s engagement card to them.

And here is the happy couple with the girls the day after the proposal.

We are so happy and excited for you two (even though you didn’t ask me to be a flowergirl), and can’t wait until your big day!

– Joyce

P.S. Norm is going to be the best man.

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