Winnie and Mike

Part 1: The Dresses
Part 2: The Hair and The Shoes
Part 3: Wedding Rehearsin’

Winnie and Mike….Mike and Winnie…so you’ve been hearing about their wedding through the flowergirl point-of-view (sorta). Before the wedding, there was the engagement. Before the engagement, there was dating. Before dating, there was the senior prom!

(They should start a show called From Blind Date to I Do!!)

Back to the engagement part…well, the engagement photos that is! You can check out more at JEZA Photography. If you are looking for photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area, or really, anywhere, they are ones to call! If you want to become a better photographer, they also teach workshops, so visit their Facebook page to see when and where those are. All photos below are credit to JEZA Photography.

And if you miss the small print all the way at the bottom of their posts, here it is:

“follow our 2011 travel schedule to book us for your next destination or local wedding  event, pre-wedding or engagement session”
august 15th – 23th, – honolulu, Oahu hawaii
november 8th – 20th, – hong kong, china
december 12th – 16th, – bahamas

– Joyce


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