Flowergirls 2011 – Part 2: The Shoes and The Hair

Part 1: The Dresses
Part 3: Wedding Rehearsin’

So we had the dresses, but what about the rest of the outfit? We had to get shoes. Our first stop was Payless of course! We found the perfect shoes!! The color was an exact match to the dress. The store we went to didn’t have the size that we needed for Emily, but Norm went after work to look for them in San Francisco. They didn’t have the sizes he needed, so he got coupons for $3 each to go across the street to get them from the other store which did have them! Hilarious!

I was also trying to decide what to do with the girls’ hair. I decided to go with braids. This way, their hair would stay out of their faces during the wedding. I’m glad we went this route because the ceremony was outdoors and there was quite the breeze. We ended up not having enough time to braid Emily’s hair (I know, it’s short, but that’s the challenge of getting it to stay).

This is Emily trying on the shoes at the store. (Pic from phone)

Melody’s Shoes and Emily wearing the shoes

Melody showing us her shoes.

Braids (front, back, and side)

haha! Emily’s expressions!

Practicing walking down the aisle

Emily (the half bandage is so she wouldn’t scratch the pimple that she had on her face)

So, there you have it.

– Joyce

P.S. Come back soon for a post about the actual wedding! Not sure when I will get to it, but come back anyway!
P.P.S. . If anyone needs toddler size 6 and size 9 cream colored dress shoes, these can be loaned out. If you want to buy your own, they can be found at Payless. Warning: They are not the most comfort shoes. Emily’s ankles got messed up while walking around in them after we bought them. Nothing a few bandages won’t fix. We put the bandages on Emily before she slipped the shoes on before walking down the aisle. After all the photos, they just changed to their old dress shoes and sandals.

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