Zoo Birthday Party

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at the zoo after church last Sunday. The girls were super tired, but had a super fun time! We actually have a membership this year, so we can go again and again! We got the $40 deal for new members, and that’s about the price we would pay if we went one time (admission and parking and rides). Anyhow, here’s some pics from our time with birthday boy Andrew!

We decided to look at all the animals that we missed last time.

Emily didn’t see the goats and sheep last time, so we headed there first, but she ended up not wanting to brush them. Melody did though!

Reptile and amphibian room

Bats – they’re about the size of Emily!

Huge tortoise getting a bath


Rides were a hit!


Birthday cake

Messy cake face

Then, everyone headed back to their cars (most were at the overflow parking area (aka the front lawn!) and all the kids were knocked out until dinnertime! Thanks for a great party A!

– Joyce

2 thoughts on “Zoo Birthday Party

  1. Aww! That looks like so much fun! We went to the Kansas City zoo while we lived there, but it wasn’t very good. We did make it to the St. Louis zoo though and the boys really loved it. We’ll have to go now that we’re out here. 🙂

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