I won’t scare you with all of it, but here’s a pic of my bedhead!

It doesn’t look too bad…(except I never did get the uneven hairs evened out)

Until I turn my head slightly…

See, this is one of the reasons I don’t like shorter hair. It takes me so much longer to get ready in the morning. Even after I fix it, it still doesn’t look right, and I can’t seem to get it as clean as it used to be. Odd. Also, oddly enough, it gets more tangled than when I had longer hair. I can’t wait to have my long hair back!

– Joyce

5 thoughts on “Bedhead

  1. haha!! I love it! I think you look great with either long or short hair, but I know what you mean. I always end up wishing my long hair back after I cut it off. I think I’ve had bed head this entire week.

    • Awww, thanks. I feel like I can do more with long hair, that’s all…and if you read the list from the link, you’ll also know why. =p

      Bedhead on kids = cuteness
      Bedhead on mommies = not so much cuteness

    • Kara, you know me so well! Yes, I will probably just chop it off right after (it takes me awhile to work up the nerves every single time though). It takes me about 2 years to grow it to donate, so my hair is usually longer than shorter, so I’m okay with that. I just really don’t like the length that it is at the current time though…with each cut, it gets thicker and the back curls in where my neck is. Boo!

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