Melody-ism: Book 6

Me: *looking for a book for naptime* Hey, All Aboard!
Melody: *takes the book and looks at it*
Me: You read that one for your book report.
Melody: Yeah, that was book 6. (This statement was said with a matter-of-fact tone.) *proceeds to look through the book*
Me: Really? How did you remember that?
Melody: I just do.

She seriously just does. If you need to remember anything, tell her, and she will remind you. If she looks at a video from a few months ago, she will also tell you about some other things that happened on the same day as the event from the video.

Anyhow, I did go look at the book report log, and she was right!!! Book report #6 was Berenstain Bears’ All Aboard.

– Joyce

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