New Adventures

We have been having quite a few new adventures around here lately. One of which is this new “theme” for our blog. I can not seem to figure out how to post and such without having to know (translate?) HTML! Yikes!!

So, I will just type it out without photos or anything fancy. =p

Melody is at VBS this week. This is a new adventure, not because it’s her first time at VBS (she has taken part the past 2 years), but because she is taking part in VBS at another church. I know a few people from the church and a friend from MOPS has her son at the VBS too. I have been to the church during college days for the youth rallies. It turned out that there is a girl who will be doing school with Melody in the Fall, who is in her VBS class. They apparently became friends without knowing that her mom and I know each other from the practicum. =p

Since we are out and about before 9am, I have been enjoying my time with Emily. She is finally getting a chance to be an only child for a few hours of the day. That is a new adventure for me since it is rare that I would take her out with me by herself. We are venturing around the area after dropping off Melody because it is about 10+ minutes from our house and I don’t want to drive back and forth….

There is a Walmart close to the church so we went there before 10am! That is also an adventure. I have not been to this store since they change it from Target to Walmart, and plus, I don’t think I have ever been to a store before 10 am. I did find a replacement for a pasta bowl that was broken awhile back. Score!

Today, after drop-off, we went to fill up the car with gas (not usually on my to-do list even though I’m the main driver), headed to the park (Emily was excited to see the squirrels so up close), went to storytime (and dropped off my 2nd book card for the summer reading program), and back for pick-up. Since we were out from before 9am to past 12:30pm, Emily was in a Pull-Up all that time (she wears it when we’re out and during naptime, and has a diaper for bedtime). I hate having her in that because she does forget to tell me when she has to go, knowing that the Pull-Up is “safe”…BUT today, she went to the potty TWICE when we were out, and was dry even when I took her to the bathroom before nap!! Yahooo!! I think that is the greatest adventure of all for the week. =p

Okay, so that was probably a lot of words to read. Sorry about that. I hope to figure this out soon, and will get back on track because you know we always have lots of photos to share with you!

– Joyce

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