A Summer Reading Program for Me!

As promised I am posting about the Summer Reading Program…again. You might see many more posts on this throughout the same. Why? Because we’re nerds bookworms so cool! So you all know that Melody and Emily are participating in this programs at Castro Valley library and San Leandro library. Here’s what you don’t know: I am also (attempting) to take part in the SRP for adults too! You can find the info HERE. You can read up to 2 books a week to enter the weekly drawings for $25 gift certificate, but to be invited to the celebration at the end of the program, where there is a drawing for 3 $100 gift certificate, you only need to read 2 books. The book below has been sitting on my side table for awhile now, so I am going to try to finish it up within the next 2 weeks. Mitch Albom‘s books are usually pretty easy to read and quick to get through, so hope I can find some time to devour it.

– Joyce

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4 thoughts on “A Summer Reading Program for Me!

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  2. What a fun adventure, and I’m sure there may not be many adults with the follow through to finish so you might be one of a few contenders for the gift card!

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