Adventures Without Mommy by Melody

Note from Joyce: I was at a 3-day practicum from Thursday to Saturday 9am-4pm last week. It was in Walnut Creek which is about a 40-minute drive, so tack that time onto the 9-4. Even though all I did was sit and listen, and I was home during the evening, I was spent. I missed my little girls a lot. Well, and Norm too, but I usually don’t see him from morning until he gets home from work anyway, so I was actually seeing him more than usual. :p


Hi everyone. This is Melody. Mommy told me to tell you what we did when she abandoned us was away.


We went to storytime at the library. It was funny that the day Daddy brought us to storytime is the day that we made the Father’s Day craft for him. We also got our first stamps for the summer reading program.

Since we never get a chance to go out for Dim Sum with Ma-Ma and Yeh-Yeh (Norm’s parents), we decided that we needed to get some custard buns. Yum! I even used my chopsticks!


I finished the Barnes and Noble’s Summer Reading Program. We went out to Pleasanton to get my free book! All you have to do is read 8 books and write who you recommend them to. That’s easy.

We stopped in Old Navy to see if we could use Daddy’s Groupon coupon.

Coldstone was right there, and it was a hot day. We ate ice cream.


Saturday was the last day of Mommy’s practicum. After breakfast, Daddy got us ready and we walked a few blocks to the Farmer’s Market. We got to try some flavored almonds, peaches and strawberries. Daddy bought some cherries and artichokes for us. We went home and ate lunch. Then Mommy came home! Hooray!

– Melody

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