Chabot Space & Science Center

Remember all that stuff that Melody got from the 2 summer reading programs that she participated in last summer? Well, most of the vouchers are expiring (since the programs are starting for this summer soon!), so we finally used one of the last ones, which was to the Chabot Space & Science Center. We hadn’t planned anything for the 3-day weekend, but this was a last minute, unplanned trip on Saturday.

Chabot Space & Science Center is in the Oakland hills so we had to go through the “jungle” to get there. Even though it was raining, it was super nice to see the San Francisco Bay views from up there. The girls loved it! I will give a full review of this place later on our review blog, but I have to say that you need to reserve a full day for this place. There is re-entry which I love, but after the girls took a nap at home, and we were getting ready to head back, it started raining. It was super cold and windy that day too (even when we went earlier) so we decided to be wusses stay home and stay dry.

Here is some of what we did do though (click HERE to see photos from the rest of our time there):

Destination Universe

Testing gravity

Light through nebulas?

Nebula kaleidoscope

The Black Hole

Kinetic Wave

Measuring Up

Planetarium Show – We watched Astronaut. Emily was not a fan at all, and Melody kept asking if we were in an airplane or if the room was moving. :\

Discovery Lab – By far the kids’ favorite thing to do there.

We missed the Bill Nye’s Climate Lab and we didn’t go up to the 3rd floor where the observatories are. (The telescopes are only available weather permitting anyhow.) Melody had a voucher, Emily was free, and it was $15 for each of us to get in. The ticket price includes 2 shows (one planetarium and one megadome). Food at the cafe is yummy and decently priced. Fun day overall. 🙂 Thanks to the libraries for their summer reading programs!! Melody has already read 8 books for the Barnes & Noble reading program to get a free book. :p And we are looking forward to the start of the libraries’ (yes, more than one) programs too, Monday, June 6. Yes, I’m we’re bookworms!

– Joyce

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12 thoughts on “Chabot Space & Science Center

  1. OH!! I remember going to the Space and Science center in Alabama when I was in junior high. To this day, I think it might be one of the coolest places I’ve gone. It made science so much fun {which in my mind can be hard to do ;)}.

    Enjoy all your summer reading! My girls aren’t reading on their own yet, but we have really enjoyed getting lots of picture books and reading those. Maybe I should look into a summer reading program. We did one last year and it was a lot of fun.

  2. What a fun reading program reward and adventure. I’m surprised the girls were ok in the planetarium show. I remember my frist one I felt so sick I had to close my eyes and I was in high school.

    I can’t wait until Archer can participate in summer reading programs I always convinced the kids I nannied for to do them in the summer. At frist they were always reluctant but then they got into it. I’ll have to ask Sarah what her girls did. Is there anything for Melody?

    PS thanks for the heads up on my link, I tried to complete that post while Archer was playing and I was obviously distracted.

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  4. Awww, that looks like fun! Love how the black hole has this cute little girl in it. 😀
    I love all the reading programs you’re participating in! I’m going to have to follow your lead when Squishy is old enough. We’re bookworms, too!

  5. Don’t forget Borders’ reading program!
    In San Leandro, they have a new summer program for babies and toddlers. They can earn a free board book. Perfect for Emily, Ethan, and Noah!
    In SF, they have a summer reading program for adults. =)

    • Thanks Hillary! Yes, I know about the Borders’ program. We did it last year. Melody finished the one for Barnes and Noble already. =p There’s a website that has a ton of summer reading programs listed, so I’ll have to look that up again.

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