Our Week in Photos (Week 21 of 52)

*At church for both service times
*Meeting at church’s childcare center
WEEK 21 OF 52 photo album

This Week’s Post
*Emily-ism and Melody-ism: Square
*How Does Our Garden Grow (Week 1)
*Review: Max on Life
*“Free” “Money”: Ebates and Swagbucks

So as you see, I haven’t been on our normal blogging schedule. Not that it was normal in the first place, but more non-normal this week because….I have been helping out with starting up a half-day preschool program for our church’s childcare center. Currently, it is only a full-day program for infants through PreK. Nothing is set yet, but I have been working out a schedule for the 2 classes of kids that we hope to have, figuring out the classroom setup and what we need to fill the classroom with. Remember when I was saying something about new opportunities awhile back? Well, this was it. No plans on actually teaching, but it’s nice to be involved in something that I’d like to think I know something about. 😉

Oh, I have to say something about the first highlight too. I signed up to be the secretary/front desk person for the children’s ministry program, but I forgot to check that I didn’t sign up for the wrong time slot, which I did. So I showed up during the 1st service time, and found out that I did. We never go for 1st service. Okay, maybe once or twice. We barely even show up on time for the 2nd service time. I know, so bad, considering we only live 3 minutes away from church! And the girls wanted to stay for Sunday School for the 2nd service time too. So we did. According to Melody, we’re doing it again this Sunday.

And I must throw in something about the weather, because really, isn’t that a hot topic? Anyone else ready for summer? I’m usually not a big fan of the hot weather, but wearing sweaters for 7, almost 8 months is not cool…if you know what I mean, except if you have some stylish sweaters, which I don’t. :\ Anyhow, have a great weekend everyone! I hear that some of you get a day off.

– Joyce

P.S. Only a few photos this week. Haven’t felt like picking up the camera lately. =\

Photos by Joyce Moy, May 21, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

4 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 21 of 52)

  1. LOL at the “squares” conversation – smart little girls!

    Congratulations on helping start the preschool – what a great ministry. I will make a prediction, though, that you will indeed end up teaching in some way before all is said and done. =) All those cute little kids will be too hard to resist.

    Zucchini – be careful what you wish for there, as they tend to multiply beyond anyone’s ability to fob them off on relatives, friends and strangers on the street. The only way I’ll eat them is when they are grated and disguised in something like chocolate cake!

  2. Cute story about the squares. I was eating Wheat Thins last night! I will think of you all the next time I eat them. lol. Love your garden. Hope it produces lots of goodies. We planted a small garden too. I am praying the birds/squirrels don’t destroy it though. How is your friend Andy? been praying for him/his family. Enjoy the weekend. Big hugs and lots of prayers for you all!!!!

  3. I told you I would stop by.
    We have been going to our 1st service a lot lately, trying to be fed before working in the nursery or preschool department, either me or my daughter.
    But it is great when the kids want to go to church.

  4. Sounds like you had a busy week! 🙂 I’ve done a few Sundays when we had to be at both services. It may be hard on us as parents, but isn’t it great that our kids are so excited about Jesus that they want to go to both services?

    Keep us posted on how the preschool program turns out. I am going back to school in the Fall to get my Early Childhood Education Degree. So exciting!

    Have a great weekend!

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