“Free” “Money”: Ebates and Swagbucks

Some of you (on FB) have been asking me how I get free stuff and free money. As you see, the word ‘free’ is in quotes, and the word ‘money’ is too. Nothing is free. Even if I don’t have to pay to get something, it still takes my time. And ‘money’ is in quotes because I don’t always get it in ‘money’/dollar bills/check form…sometimes it’s giftcards. Here are the 2 ways I get “free” “money”.


Update 11/2016: Our lifetime cashback is $400+. I believe you get $10 for joining and spending through the site this Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend.

Update 12/12: We have made a total of $60. You get $5 for joining. And I think if you order $25, I also get some credit for it. So thanks in advance if you join.

I joined in December 2010. I have made $31.20 so far. Basically, you get cashback from ordering from a site through this site. So if you want to order something from Old Navy. You sign in, click on Old Navy, order your stuff, and get a percentage of what you order. We never order anything that we normally wouldn’t just to get money, but if we were ordering diapers from diapers.com and we can get a few dollars, then that’s great. They send out check every 3 months, and if you have over $5.01 in your account, you get your money. You can copy and paste this link to join: ebates.com/r/JOYCEL292 and use my email address as the referring email address. joycelau319 at yahoo.


Update 12/12: I have not been as great about doing the daily polls. But we have gotten enough Swagbucks for a total of over $150 Amazon giftcards.

I joined in August 2010. I have accumulated enough swagbucks for $65 worth of Amazon giftcards. There are lots of other prizes to choose from too. You can spend money to get the bucks here, but you don’t have to. The main way I earn bucks is by searching like you would in a google search. (Their search is not that accurate, so I usually just cut and paste to the google bar afterwards.) Sometimes you get 7 swagbucks, sometimes 15 or more. Invite one friend a day, you get 1 sb. Taking a poll is 1 sb. Clicking on the survey link gets you 1 sb sometimes. Signing in can also sometimes get you 1 sb. Sometimes you can search for codes. If you refer friends, you earn the same amount of swagbucks that they earn up to 1000 sb. So if you earn 5 sb one day, I also get 5 sb. Thanks! :p You can copy and paste this link to join: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/joyceandnorm

Some people are pretty hardcore about getting tons of swagbucks (through their games and searching the codes) and referring a ton of people (as well as on ebates), but I just go about my normal business, and have an extra “free” $100 in 9 months.

Sorry if I have confused anyone. You can check out the FAQ at ebates and swagbucks, or leave a comment and I’ll try to answer.

– Joyce

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