Melody-ism: Encyclopedia

One morning, I was preparing breakfast, I heard Melody talking to Emily:

“Let’s go study the encyclopedia!”

She ran to get her encyclopedia, and the girls sat down at the table to look at it. I forgot what happened, but they didn’t end up studying it! =p

And then just the other day, she had the encyclopedia in her room, and before nap she placed it right next to her pillow:

“I’m going to put it right here so I know where it is so I can read it after nap.”

At least she didn’t say, “Let’s go study the dictionary!” Or maybe that’s next. :p

– Joyce

1 thought on “Melody-ism: Encyclopedia

  1. You know…only 3 out of my nine kids are ‘book people’…I’ve always thought that the others are missing out on soooo much by not being into books. So nice to see your little ones enjoying books!

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