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You know we never go deep here, but you better sit down for this one.

Where do I begin this story?

{Me,my sister Jen, and Yvonne circa 2001?}

I have a friend. We grew up in church together. We have been friends for over 20 years (That is a long time considering we just entered our 30s last year!). Before we were friends, we actually didn’t like each much, if I recall correctly. We didn’t talk too much during those elementary and middle school years. But I remember sitting near to her in the church pews one Sunday, and we were passing notes (sorry P.Lee!, it’s inevitable, we were teenagers) about the SATs (when a perfect score only totaled 1600) that we took the previous day. I remember our sleepless sleepover at a church lock-in where we stayed up playing card games. I remember we graduated and didn’t really K.I.T. as much as we should have. I remember the day I got married, she and her husband (then-boyfriend) were our MCs for the wedding banquet. I remember she came all the way  from Sacramento to San Leandro for my baby shower even though she got stuck in traffic because of a huge accident on the freeway. I remember she called me right after she got engaged for wedding planning advice. Yes, that Sunday was the perfect day for your wedding.

{Our Bridal Showers 2005/2007}

{Our Weddings 2005/2007}

And how should I continue this story?

This story is about my friend, but it is also about that man that she said “I do” to almost 4 years ago. In sickness and in health…we don’t think…or we don’t want to think about that sickness part too much on the big day. I remember seeing my friend at CIBC (our church)’s 105th anniversary banquet…expecting their first baby. I remember attending her beautiful baby’s red egg and ginger party a few months ago. This should be a time for them to be celebrating…starting a new life together…a new family… What I don’t want to remember is getting an email of the news of her husband’s brain tumor diagnosis.

{Our Baby Showers 2007/2010}

{Baby N’s Red Egg and Ginger Party}

What’s next in this story?

In 2 weeks, radiation and chemotherapy starts. I won’t claim to know what all of that entails even though I have looked it up. I can’t even imagine what the next 2 months will be like for them.

{Our Hubbies circa 2003??/Andy’s Baptism 2004}

But where do I fit into this story?

Since that email, I have been praying daily for God to give this family strength and a faith that will not be shaken. When I ask Emily who we pray for, she says, “Uncle Aahn-deeee.” But what else can I do? Yes, God is powerful. He is the Giver of life. I trust in Him. But what can I do?

At the beginning of the year, I wrote out some goals. Not resolutions, goals. That word, “resolution” has been somewhat of a turnoff for me. Goals, I can work with that. I made some goals. One of them was to start running (I haven’t actually started, but walking more is “starting” right?). I have been looking for a 5k to do, but couldn’t find anything on a date that worked, yada yada excuses etc… Norm and I were reading a random Yahoo article one day and something caught my eye. It was an ad for the Brain Tumor Walk. May 7th? No, I don’t think I can do it (yes, I know, it’s not even a run. I am a wuss, leave me alone). That’s only 3 weeks away. But it stayed in my head as my friend has been on my heart. I need to do this.

So far, I have recruited a few walking buddies. If you are in San Francisco, consider doing the walk with us!

Now, how can you be a part of this story?

Pray. You can pray for this family. This is going to be a really challenging time for them. Pray for my friend as she is a caregiver to her husband through the treatments and to her baby who is 7 months old. Pray for her husband, that his body will be strong through this battle. Pray for their baby to know her Daddy for as long as God has it in His plans.

Pray. You can pray for me, and all the others doing the Walk, that we will be safe and that we will have strength to endure.

Give. We are doing this walk to raise funds for the National Brain Tumor Society. This will allow them to continue to do their research. This will allow them to financially help those who can’t afford consultations, caregiving workshops, bereavement support groups, etc. Even if you only have a dollar or two to offer, that would make a difference. Your donation is not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for journeying with me through this post. Let me know if you want to be a part of this story.

Banner: Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk

To make a donation to the walk, click onto my BRAIN TUMOR WALK page.

If you would like to donate specifically to the family, I think there are some fundraising ideas in the works.

– Joyce

17 thoughts on “In Support Of

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  2. This is a hard journey that you are all on. How neat to have found a cause — the inklings of wanting to walk/run coupled with the hardship of dear, dear friends.

    I will be praying. We have been through something recently, too.

  3. Oh Joyce, I am SO sorry to read this post about Andy. I will pray for him, his family and for YOU too!! Will also pray for you as you participate in the “walk” on May 7th. I will add Andy to our church’s prayer cards and we will intercede for him and his family each Wed. night during our prayer meeting. Please keep us posted. Love ya!!

  4. Joyce, I am with you in prayer! I will pray for God’s healing hand during the treatments and I will pray for you on May 7th.

    Thank you for sharing your prayer request with us.


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