MOPS Craft: DIY I Spy Jar

At MOPS, 2 weeks ago, we made I Spy jars. They’re really simple to make and keeps the kids busy.


  • Jar (Even old baby food jars would work…just make sure to use fewer objects)
  • Pellets (small beads or rice could work too)
  • 20 small objects
  • Paper
  • Contact paper
  • Elastic band or string


  1. Fill your jar with pellets. (For ours, we used 1/3 cup. This depends on the size of your jar. Make sure there is space in the jar for the pellets to move around.)
  2. Make a list of your objects on a piece of paper.
  3. Laminate or use the contact paper to cover the paper.
  4. Punch a hole and add in your string.
  5. Put the objects into the jar.
  6. Close the lid. (Use your own discretion as to whether or not the lid should be glued shut.)
  7. Tie the list onto the jar….or not.

I had 21 objects in there instead because I had put a tiny golden bell in, and when I tested it the first few times, I could not find it at all. =p This could keep your kids busy for awhile. Maybe you can have a themed jar with whatever your child is interested in at the time. Check out this LINK for more detailed/clear instructions.

– Joyce

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