Pros and Cons of Long Hair

My top 5 pros and cons of having long hair are italicized, and I have also added some others that I have found on various websites (followed by my commentaries in parentheses). These are my opinions. Everybody’s hair is different (texture, thickness, etc), but these have been my ups and downs with having long hair. I was going to do one post of both pros/cons of long and short hair, but it got too long, so look for the pros/cons of short hair later today. And if you have any pros/cons of having long hair, please add them in the comments. =)

Click here for Pros and Cons of Long Hair
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Latest (most decent) long hair photo: Me with my girls Melody and Emily, and my long-time friend Yvonne



  • Lots of different styles – ponytail, braids, bun, pigtails
  • More youthful looking
  • Easier to hide “bad hair days”
  • Keeps you warmer in the winter
  • Easier to maintain (with my shorter hair, I am constantly having to keep it parted correctly so one side doesn’t have longer strands than others, and it flips out my neck on one side, and curls in on the other side, meaning I have to use a straighter/flat iron to fix it)

-One that didn’t make it to my top 5 is: You can pull out of your way when working out (I can never seem to get all of my shorter hair up and out of my face when I am doing pushups.)
-You’re going to be forced into short hair by your 40s or 50s anyway, so why rush it?
-Men do like it better, generally
-Looks more feminine
-Backwards ball caps look positively adorable on women with long hair
-You can put off hair cuts since no one will notice, but short hair means rigid regular trims (I am too lazy low maintenance and cheap frugal to get them so often.)
-You have something to chew on when your nervous or deep in thought (Or if you needed floss really bad….not that I’ve done that before…just sayin’)
-No one will ever approach you from behind and say, “Pardon me, sir?”
-You don’t get sunburn on your neck as easily
-You have hair to flip over your shoulder to express anger (Never thought of this one before)
-No one ever made Sandy Duncan a pin-up girl, think about it…
-You don’t have to wash it every day. (True, once I got my shorter cut, I felt like it got dirty faster.)


  • Tangled, especially on windy days
  • Gets in your way
  • Heavy, if you have thick hair
  • Takes forever to wash and dry
  • When it falls off your head, it gets everywhere! (the floor, the drain, your food…)

-You spend more on shampoo
-Bandannas look better on shortish hair
-Bubblegum (I don’t chew bubblegum, so this is no problemo for me.)
-A mess of hair styling tools and equipment cluttering your bathroom (It is the other way around for me. I need all the tools/equipment when my hair is short.)
-Formal occasions require formal ‘dos for long hair
-Sinead O’Connor proved you don’t have to have long hair to be a bad@$$
-Bad hair days are worse hair days (Not the case for me.)
-You can actually see your split ends (I don’t really have split ends, so this is not a con for me.)
-There’s something for other girls to pull in a catfight (I don’t get into fights, but if I do, I will unleash my taekwondo yellow belt skills on them. =p hehe)
-Swimming caps -yikes (I don’t swim but I’m sure there’s a way around this one…tying it up in a bun?)
-Scrunchies (What’s wrong with Scrunchies?)

Here are the sites I found some of the pros/cons:

– Joyce

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