Our Week in Photos (Week 11 of 52)

*Warriors Basketball Game
*MOPS Biology Babes lunch/playdate
WEEK 11 OF 52 photo album

*Melody’s last day of dance class (for this session)
*Brunch with Len and Bonnie
*Dinner with my family for our birthday (my mom and I share a birthday)

This Week’s Posts
*Memories: Q-ZAR
*MOPS craft: DIY Wooden Block Puzzle
*What We’re Eating: Waldorf Salad
*Review: Maggi Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
*Happy 3rd Anniversary, Home!
*Melody-ism: World | 100
*Emily-ism: Hat

We postponed our visit with the Yuens, so we actually got to go to Lakeshore. The girls haven’t been there for more than a month I think! What a rainy day for a basketball game on Sunday. I think the girls enjoyed most of it. Kids can only sit for so long. =p They had a ton of fun on Tuesday even though Daylight Savings Time and a long Sunday evening messed up their schedule big time. We got together for lunch/playdate with the other moms and kids from my MOPS group. It was fun to hang out and chat. We are looking forward to some birthday meals this weekend, and you might be in for a surprise when you see next week’s posts. I can’t say more than that. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We’re looking at 10 days of rain……

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Mar 13, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 11 of 52)

  1. Oh, me, 10 days of rain. That’s a bummer for sure! I’m a sunshiney kinda gal. :o)

    I use to lead the MOPS group in our church and I so enjoyed it and loved the young ladies that I was blessed to lead. There is no longer a group and really we hardly have any young folks left in our church. Not a good situation.

    Can’t wait to see your post next week. I always enjoy a surprise!

    Have a wonderful Lord’s Day!

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