MOPS Craft: DIY Wooden Block Puzzle

We did a really fun craft for MOPS last Tuesday. I wish I took more time with it so that the cuts were more even and the Mod Podge went on better. Oh well. Next time.

I meant to ask Norm which photos I should use for the puzzle, but never got around to it. I grabbed a bunch that morning to do a “Sisters” theme.


  • Paper cutter (or exacto knife/ruler)
  • Six 4″x6″ photos (if you’re using 2″x2″ wooden cubes)
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush


  1. Measure/cut photos
  2. Glue photos onto cubes
  3. Brush another coat of Mod Podge onto the photos (it’ll dry clear, don’t worry)

It’s a really simple craft, but the only thing I would recommend is that you really take your time. I wanted to rush it so that the girls could play with it, so when the Mod Podge dried it didn’t look at great.

Check out this LINK for more details and photos of how to do this project.

And another great thing is you don’t have to use just photos for this craft. If you’re kids are into outer space, you can print out some space photos and do puzzles of that for them.

– Joyce


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