What is MOCHA?

Well, I am glad you asked, because that was where we were on Saturday.


Yes, where. MOCHA stands for Museum Of CHildren’s Art.

Melody got some free passes from the Summer Reading Program/Game and we finally had some time to go. (Otherwise, it is $8 for a drop-in art session.) We met up with some friends there. It is street parking but we both found spot right out front.

They were super nice in welcoming us and telling us what is going on for the day.

We only sat down for a minute at the drop-in art area before it was time for Saturday Storytime. A local author/illustrator came to read a book.

After the storytime, all the kids sat at the table while a worker explained what we were going to do. The kids got to draw a face on paper and paint with watercolors.

Afterwards, we went back to the drop-in art area. There were 4 tables and a paint space. The theme for the week was Dr. Seussology since it was his birthday on the 2nd. At one table you could make a hat (Cat in the Hat), a fishing rod with fish at another (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish), a little house/boat type thing at a third table, and the last table had really nice playdough.

The kids could also play in the area where they had the storytime. There were books on the shelves, a magnet marble thingie, wooden blocks, a dollhouse, and lots of other toys.

On the walls were tons of artwork. I was amazed by it all. There was a super detailed oil pastel of a girl dressed up as a princess with her 3 friends in the background. I thought Melody would like it so I took a closer look. It was done by a 5-year-old! Seriously, no amount of art classes would help me to draw or paint like some of these kids.

All over the museum were shelves of bins that stored art/craft supplies. Most of the projects are made from recycled materials, so there were containers of toilet paper/paper towel rolls, egg cartons, etc. There were aprons/big shirts for the kids to wear when painting. (Even with those, I would suggest dressing your kids in their messiest clothes when visiting, they will get dirty one way or another. Although, I was surprised that the paint area was not as messy as you would think it would be.) There are also bins for you to put your stuff in, plus the kiddos’ artwork.

They offer school field trips and birthday parties too. The environment is conducive to creativity. Even the parents got into it.

They also had a downstairs area for birthday parties and other workshops.

– Joyce

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