Our Week in Photos (Week 5 of 52)

*Happy Chinese New Year!
*Lots of visits from family =)
WEEK 5 OF 52

*Melody’s 4th Birthday!!!!!!

This Week’s Posts
*Sleep and the Chicken Dance
*Memories: Code Red
*Stories from Pottyville Part 4
*What We’re Eating: Chicken Salad Sandwich
*Review: Blueberry Morning (Cereal)

It was a pretty chill week as we are gearing up for lots of weekend activities this month. The first of festivities was the start of Chinese New Year and then it will be Melody’s 4th birthday on Wednesday!!!! Where the time go? Where did January go? Wait, where did 2010 go? Anyhow, I hope everyone else is doing fine. I have been hearing that there are  lots of people getting sick and something about crazy coldness/snow everywhere. Let me know if you have any prayer needs. Pray for me as I try to start up with Maximize Your Morning Challenge again.

– Joyce

Photos by Joyce Moy, Feb 1, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.


6 thoughts on “Our Week in Photos (Week 5 of 52)

  1. Oh, my precious Vietnamese kids are celebrating the Chinese New Year. I’ve learned so much from them.

    Love being connected with you through FB too!

    Sweet blessings for a wonderful week-end!

  2. I love the hairstyle! I have been thinking about the maximize challenge again, as well. I did so well back in the spring, but I have fallen out of my routine! Hope you have a wonderful New Years celebration!

  3. Hey Joyce…Hope you do well on the challenge…I’m so terrible at being self disciplined to do those kind of things but I sure do admire people that do! Have a good week celebrating your wee girl’s birthday…very exciting for her…they grow up so fast!

  4. We had snow today! Craziness — snow 2 years in a row in central Texas!

    My daughter apparently got the cleaning bug today, too. Cleared all the dishes from lunch and cleaned the table without me asking!

  5. Time is certainly flying – I can’t believe it’s February of 2011 already!

    I really like the picture of your mom looking at a book with your girls – it’s so nice to see a grandparent with their grandchild/grandchildren doing something so intimate. I have pictures from this past summer when my DH’s mom read to my three on the deck of the cottage, as well as one or two of my mom reading to them at my parents house. It’s a connection, it’s wonderful, and it’s sweet 🙂

    May your weekend be just as sweet!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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