Shutterfly Love

I felt the need to show some love to Shutterfly today. Here is our holiday card that we chose. Thanks for the 50 free cards Shutterfly! And for making a purchase during the holidays, we are getting another 10 free cards! I love Shutterfly. Great customer service, speedy deliveries, and reasonable prices. Lots of promo codes don’t hurt either. 😉

We love how our cards came out even though you wouldn’t know it since we are still passing them out. Hey, Chinese New Year is a holiday right? Holiday cards… 😉 We actually wait until the year ends to do our little newsletter. I know, excuses, excuses…

It was hard finding photos of the girls close up and smiling, so those were the best we came up with. Emily’s is from Jen and Aaron’s wedding. She was so happy that day. And Melody’s photo is from our day at the zoo. It was a bit windy, thus the messy hair. And the middle is a rare family photo.

And I think there’s a deal from where we can get a free Shutterfly photobook too. Hmmm…need to go work on that now. Love too by the way. Let me know if you want to sign up for it!

– Joyce

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