What We’re Eating: Corn Chowder

Image Source: Betty Crocker

We went in search of a good soup to make for Christmas dinner but couldn’t find one that we wanted and was simple to make. So we went with a CORN CHOWDER that we’ve made before.

The first time we made this we decided to use bacon chips instead of actual bacon because that is what we had on hand. This time we had bacon because there was just a BOGO sale at Safeway, plus we had a coupon (we’re frugal and smart like that). But….I have to say that I think I like it better with the bacon chips because it added too much more stove time than we like. (If you have a toddler you know they become leg warmers when you start cooking and standing at the stove.) I was just not digging the bacon texture in my chowder, and it also makes your pot harder to clean, and there’s all that bacon drippings to deal with.

Also, if you want a thicker chowder, I would cook it the night before you want to eat it. And make sure to watch it and stir constantly, like it says on the recipe.

I think that is all the suggestions I can give for this recipe. Norm made it this time around so I can’t remember all of it from last time. I think we’re designating him the soup guy. Or soup and salad guy. =p

– Joyce

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