Washer Necklaces


So we’ve been making some cool crafts at MOPS* lately (THANKS Monica and Genevieve), and I wanted to share with you how to make the washer necklace that we did yesterday.

I was going to type out the instructions, but I was positive I could find some good ones online, and I did!

You can look HERE and HERE.

Some notes:
After everyone did a practice round on the practice washer, I was so nervous because it didn’t seem like they were turning out right. Just hold the stamper steady and tight and pound away straight down until you’re pretty sure the letter is etched in there. I would stamp pretty close to the edge so that the letters end up nicely curved. It was pretty hard trying to hammer leaning forward toward the floor so if I ever plan to do this on my own, I would find some place higher up. I actually didn’t do the Sharpie part yet, but it still looks pretty decent. And also, I think I would use washers that are a little bit smaller if you give this to a kid.

There’s some cool designs and other things you can do with scrapbook paper, etc, but the basics will do too. I thought the stampers would be expensive, but you can get the ones we used for $6.99 HERE.

And if you don’t ever plan to do this but want something like it, you can always check out what ETSY has to offer…there’s a wide range of selection. Wide, as in a few cents to $300+.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of MOPS crafts explained. =p

– Joyce

*MOPS = Mothers of Preschoolers

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