Thanksgiving 2010 Meal #2

Feast #2
We just brought empty stomachs and Alina’s gift for this one. =) Miranda made some great dishes. I’ll have to ask her to share some recipes. It was hailing a bit in the afternoon during naptime so I didn’t think we would brave crossing the bridge to San Francisco, but it cleared up and we got across with minimal traffic. Melody had a great time with the cousins and the cousins’ cousins. =p She wanted to sleep over there. It was a great Tinkerbell party!

On the menu:
Crescent/sausage rolls
Turkey meatloaf
Corn casserole
Candied yams
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Chicken drumsticks
Chinese mustard greens
Chicken chow mein
Almond and mango jello
Mochi ice cream
Sparkling cider
Hot water (hurray! Because it was freezing in SF!)

(Lots of things that start with the letter C)

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