Thanksgiving 2010 Meal #1

So this year we had 2 Thanksgiving meals. The first was hosted by my parents at their house. And the second one was at Norm’s cousin Miranda’s house, and to also celebrate Alina’s 4th birthday too.

My mom actually got Thanksgiving off this year, so she wanted to celebrate on Thursday. In attendance were my parents, my brother, the 4 of us, Norm’s parents and brother, my uncles, aunt, cousins, cousin’s girlfriend for dinner, and then my older sister’s family, and my little sister and BIL stopped by for dessert. Lots of eating, playing games, more eating, more games, and TV watching occurred. There might have been more eating and games before and after our arrival and departure as well. =p

On the menu:
Turkey and yummy homemade gravy!
Ham and pineapple
Sweet potato casserole (our contribution to the feast)
Butternut squash soup (and this too)
Mashed potato
Chinese sticky rice
Chinese appetizer platter
Almond tofu
Jello pie (we had made it for fun the night before and just brought it along)
Chocolate cream pie
Rice Krispie treats
Martinelli’s sparkling ciders (we brought this too in 3 different flavors)

Next year I’m going to try a corn casserole that Jinnie recommends.

For leftovers, the girls really enjoyed ham and gravy on lightly toasted Russian rye bread.

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