Compassion: Our First Compassion Child

We had talked about getting a Compassion child for a bit. We thought it would be cool if she was around Melody’s age. I know that when people decide on something like this they usually just take plunge. Why wait when a child is waiting? For some reason, we waited. We peeked in on the website from time to time. Most of the kids were usually older than Melody by a few months at least. And if they were younger they were picked right away before we could even make a decision.

One night, before heading to bed I decided to do a quick check. I put in the search criteria. We were looking for a girl who was 3 years old (the option is 3-5, unless you do an advanced search). And what do you know? There were 12 kids who were 3 years old available to be sponsored. If you ever look on their site, you know this is super rare. The youngest ones get sponsored fairly quickly and there are usually just 2 or 3 listed. But 12?! It’s a sign.

We started clicking on the photos. There was a girl in Mexico who was 1 month younger than Melody. We almost chose her because, hey, we could possibly go to Mexico to meet her one day. And she might not be available for sponsorship if we didn’t hurry to make a decision. Sometimes the kids are sponsored within a click of the refresh button. But we kept going. And then, there she was! Our Solissa! She is from the Dominican Republic. And guess what? Her birthday is on the exact same day as Melody’s! February 9, 2007! She also has a sibling but we don’t know how old or if it is a boy or girl.

So we did it, we sponsored a child. The next morning I told Melody about. We looked on our world map to see where Solissa lives. “Mommy, when Solissa is 4, I’m going to be 4 too!”

So that is our Compassion story. We are writing her a letter right now and Melody has already drawn her a picture and chosen stickers to give her.

We are so excited about this journey and are so glad God has blessed us enough to give to someone else.

Do you have a sponsored child? What you benefited from the relationship?

13 thoughts on “Compassion: Our First Compassion Child

  1. What a blessing! We started sponsoring Precious in Ghana in 2009. Today we have 8 Compassion kids in our family. It has been life changing for us, I can only imagine how it is affecting our kids! In my advocate training I learned that girls get sponsored 2 to 1 over boys and the youngest do go first. Those letters are so important. In fact, most of my blog is dedicated to sharing ideas for letter writing. I hope this new realtionship is a blessing for you!

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  3. We have one Compassion child. Jadyn picked her when Justin McRoberts was at church and she is from India so Paul was super happy. Her name is Rukmoni and she’s adorable. Then, in September, I went to Women of Faith with my mom and got Mohamadu from Mali, Africa through World Vision and he has the same birthday as Jadyn but is 2 years older. Then….I thought it wouldn’t be fair to have a child with Jadyn’s birthday but not Ashlyn’s so I went on the World Vision website where you can search for exact birthdays and countries. So, I though it would be awesome to get a child from Nicaragua since Paul goes there every year so maybe he could visit. So….we got ADORABLE Edgar who has the exact birthday as Ashlyn. She thought it was pretty cool that he turned four the same day as her. So we, personally, have 3 children now. College group also sponsors a child from Nicaragua in the same project as Edgar so they are hoping to visit the child this summer on their trip and Quest sponsors one from Africa. It is awesome. We just sent our kids packages, pictures and letters.

  4. I sponsor 2 children and write to 4 more who sponsors have asked from some eles to write to them. I love getting letters in the mail from them. I try to write 2 to 3 times a month so they know they are loved and so they don’t watch others get mail on mail day and they have something too….

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