We Caught A Bug

Melody picked up a bug (the virus kind) last week. Then she decided to share it with me. Being the nice people that we are, we shared it with Emily. We have not left the house since Sunday! Can anyone say cabin fever? It was a horrible night last night. Melody was coughing and Emily couldn’t breathe so she kept tossing to find a comfy position to sleep to breathe better. It is 8am and the kids are still asleep. I take that back…Melody is coughing now.

Despite the 2 really bad weeks we’ve had, I am reminded daily during our prayer times of how blessed we are. We truly are blessed.

And on another note, I looked out the window the other day to see this bug (not the virus kind). It was a pretty big bug. Or is it an insect? I can’t remember what defines something as a bug or an insect. Anyhow, you can see the size of it compared to Melody’s hand.



I better tend to the coughing child now. Pray for us. Thanks.

– Joyce


3 thoughts on “We Caught A Bug

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